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photo friday: somewhere far from home

3 Jun

I was going through old photos from my trip to Ireland in 2012, and came across this one, which I think was taken somewhere near some sort of castle.

Which is an incredibly precise coordinate.

There’s something near a castle? In Ireland? That’s so strange.

Anyway, if I may tell you all the things I like about a picture I took myself–and I will–I’ll start with the blue, blue sky, and end with the way the water stretches out, like it’s on it’s merry way, off to have some adventures.

And that’s it. That’s all I’ve got for you today. Happy Friday, happy weekend, one and all.

Somewhere in Ireland


photo friday: oh, hello

27 Feb


In keeping with the throwback theme from last week, another gem I came across when sifting through Ireland photos.

Such a happy mug, and I bet he would have made a fine travel companion as we made our way from Dublin to Galway.

photo friday: throwback

20 Feb


A few weeks ago my laptop started acting like a jerk, and I had to call my friend Wild Turkey Dave to come over and help me fix it. Wild Turkey Dave is a genius with computer things, or it’s entirely possible that he’s not so much a genius with them so much as I am rather a non-genius with them.

Anyway, the point is I was moving photos from my laptop to an external hard drive and lo! What fun I had culling through pictures of times gone by. Some real gems in there that I hadn’t looked at in entirely too long, like this lovely scape from the Cliffs of Mohr when I traveled to Ireland with my family.

Photos like these make me long to grab my camera and hop on a plane and I might just need to go check my airline miles right now excuse me please and thank you.

photo friday: balance

11 Jan


Everybody always talks about finding balance in life. It is apparently so elusive, this balance, that people spend their entire lives seeking it out.

Why they haven’t just turned to the Irish, or more specifically the streets of Galway, for some tips on how to get it, I don’t know.

photo friday: house hunting, part I

1 Nov

Over here at McPolish headquarters we’re on the house hunt, and quickly beginning to realize it’s going to be a long process until we find a home of our own. Sadly, the above was not for sale or otherwise obviously ALL OF OUR PROBLEMS WOULD BE SOLVED.

photo friday: happy hour somewhere

12 Oct

I traveled to Ireland with two of my three sisters, and this photo right here represents…..



I was going to get all thinky and philosophical and be all, “It represents our bond of sisterly sisterhood and etcetera and so forth!”

But really it represents this: We went to Ireland. We had some dranks. They were good, so we had some more.

photo friday: oh, hey. how’s it going? moo.

28 Sep

Oh, you know.

Just some cows.

Hanging out.

Not more than a few yards away from a 400-foot drop sheer down the side of a cliff.

As you do.