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march photo challenge: day twenty-seven

6 Apr

Today’s theme: STAMP

Yes, I realize that March, along with its Photo Challenge, has been over for a few days now. But just when I was chugging along, posting photos daily (except for a few snafus), almost to the end of the month, BAM! We went and left for vacation.

Not that I am complaining.

Because let’s face it, if you’re complaining about or while on vacation, you’re kind of an asshole.

But I do want to fulfill my promise (unspoken, to myself, and to you, dear Interwebers) and will finish out this challenge.

And so, for the day 27 theme of stamp you all get a loving shot of my gym shoe’s emblem under blacklight, taken while sitting in the bar in the Puerto Rico airport, sipping Presidente beer and waiting for our next flight, on our way to our island destination.

Who loves ya, baby?

march photo challenge: day twenty

20 Mar

Today’s theme: BENT

I went to Old Navy today with the Chicken Nugget to pick up some flip-flops for The Swede. Chicken Nugget thought we should get Swede white flip-flops, but I convinced him instead that we should pick up classic black ones. I relayed this information to Swede, who responded, “It’s not Memorial Day yet. Too early for white flip-flops.”

march photo challenge: day seven

7 Mar

Today’s theme: CONTRAST

Both of these cause me so much pleasure, and yet that pleasure is contrasted by so much pain. (Eh? See what I did there?) The sneakers because wearing them means I’m going to the gym and I’m all, “Yay! Healthified!” but I’m also like, “This f-ing blows. I’d rather be home watching the Big Bang Theory than wheezing my way through a spin class.” And the heels because I put them on and suddenly it’s “YEOW, MAMA! I’m going out to paint the town red!” but I’m also like, “Damn, I should do this more often.”

photo friday: shoes

11 Jun

“Why do you wear heels?* You’re so tall already.”

Actually, in the summertime, I don’t. Well, I do, because I love high heels—patent leather, teal blue round-toe Mary Jane, a hot pink print on a peep toe, fire engine red, sleek, classic black, the list could go on…and on…and on…—and I wear them all year round for various occasions and outfits.

But more often than not, when the heat is on, I set my feet free and I wander about in these guys:

It’s become a ritual for me. When I was younger, every August when school started I’d get a new pair of gym shoes or general school shoes to wear for the year. Now that I’m not in school, and though I do actually need a new pair of gym shoes, now that I think about it, I always buy a pair of flip flops to wear for the summer.

Sadly, I can’t chalk the other 37 pairs of shoes in my possession up to ritual. Those other 37 pairs, there is just no excuse for them except that they’re rilly, rilly cute and I love them.  

*A question I get asked quite frequently, and a one that I consider a very silly question. Why WOULDN’T I wear heels? I don’t care about the height, have you seen how awesome they make my legs look? YES I AM THAT VAIN.

Thanks, Calliope, for another great PF theme! Visit her blog to see what other Photo Friday participants had to say (or shoot) about shoes.

Step Out

25 Mar

shoes1As much as I love them, I don’t make it two feet inside my front door before my shoes are off when I get home from work. And that’s usually followed by a trail of business casual wear that, while semi-fashionable, is no contest for sweatpants.