Some Things You Should Know

I can be bribed with pizza and Diet Pepsi.

I love dogs.

I am a Chicago White Sox fan, always have been, and hope that if they win the World Series again, now maybe the country will give a damn, considering the President is a fan.

I am a tall-ish lady. And I like to wear heels, making me even more tall-ish.

I host a somewhat regular Tuesday Night Dinner for a small group of friends. Sometimes they take place on Wednesday Nights, or Friday nights. But they originated on Tuesday nights, and the name stuck. No, you’re not invited. I’m sorry. My apartment is just not that big. But I will share my recipes.  I used to host Tuesday Night Dinners for my ladies in DC. Alas, since I’ve moved back to Chicago I haven’t been able to recreate these magical evenings. YET. But have faith, dear readers. TND shall rise again! And yes, I will still share my recipes.

I have a blue Betta fish named Iggy. He’s my pal, and a damned cheap therapist. Iggy died in June 2009. Sad. RIP, Igs.

I’m the youngest of four girls, and we are all up in each others’ business, and sometimes others’ business as well. Some people might call us nosy or busybodies, but I like to call us inquisitive. Everyone calls us loud.

I love my parents. Like most parents, they are a bit odd sometimes, but then, I am odd quite a bit of the time, so there’s the whole kettle/pot thing.

I’m originally from the south suburbs of Chicago, but I now live in Washington, DC. Don’t ask me how I ended up here; it just sort of happened. I miss Sweet Home everyday, mostly for my people. And the pizza. But mostly my people. Except for those days when pizza is the better option of the two. Which is sometimes often, depending.       I moved back to Chicago in March 2011. What? I needed good pizza in my life on regular basis. And gyros. Lots and lots of gyros.

One Response to “Some Things You Should Know”

  1. JasmineKyleSings October 7, 2012 at 8:37 AM #

    You have a very lively blog. Fun writing style. Are you on facebook? I am new to WI and would LOVE to keep up on where all the good pizza joints are!

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