jeff bezos can’t keep me down, or, year 4 of movies

9 Jan

I made a goal for myself in 2019, to see at least 12 movies. It didn’t matter if it was in the theatre or on my couch, on a plane, or on a train, with a fox while eating lox, whatever. After 2018’s paltry showing, and with so many movies out there just waiting for me to love them, or to ridicule them, I felt called to explore more of the cinematic scene.

Not that you’d call what ended up being 2019’s movie list a “cinematic wonderland.” More like, “I have two small children, so you’re lucky there weren’t more cartoons on this list.” Really rolls off the tongue.

But 17! I watched 17 movies this year, you guys! And I will add that #17 got in just under the wire, as we watched it on New Year’s Eve. Because nothing says Happy New Year like watching a bunch of rich people whose souls have been destroyed by money, amirite? Plus, I would like it noted that this year I didn’t even include the holiday movies I semi-watched/fell asleep to! It’s been a banner year, I tell you. A banner movie-watching year. I’m not sure 2020 will be able to top such stellar movie watching progress on my end, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Movies I Watched + 3 takeaways from each 

January 1, 2019-December 31, 2019


  • 1. Fyre Fraud–1.You guys realize that this Billy McFarland is an utter sociopath and compulsive liar, right? Right? He’s like Ryan Howard on The Office, but on a much bigger scale. 2. I still don’t understand what the point of the Magnises card was. 3. Seriously, who is Kendall Jenner and why is she famous and coveted?
  • 2. Bee Movie–1. Really? This came out in 2007? I would have guessed earlier. 2. Humans and their honey stealing are terrible. Terrible! 3. Meh. Not my favorite animated movie I’ve seen.
  • 3. Like Father–1. Great soundtrack on this movie. 2. Kelsey Grammer is a very, very tan man, almost disconcertingly so. 3. Seth Rogan! What are you doing here, you random drop in celebrity? 
  • 4. The Theory of Everything–1. I had no idea Stephen Hawking was so droll. 2. Eddie Redmayne–just…wow. 3. I thought it was sad when he and Jane split up, but (as they showed it in the movie) I totally support it. 
  • 5. Breaker Uppers–1. The two main characters look so familiar to me, and yet going through their IMDB list, I’ve never seen a damn thing they were in. 2. The accents are a wonder to me. They are so melodious, even when they’re trash talking. 3. I should watch more Australian/New Zealand-made movies. 
  • 6. Can You Ever Forgive Me?–1. Melissa McCarthy is just It, isn’t she? She’s just…she’s just perfect. She’s on my list of invitees to the celebrity dinner party I would throw. 2. Who knew forging literary letters would get you stalked by the FBI! 3. Richard E. Grant. Oh dear. I think I shall have to have HIM at my celebrity dinner party as well. 
  • 7. The Incredibles 2–1. It’s entirely possible that Swede and I enjoyed this movie WAY more than our toddler did. 2. It’s entirely possible that Jack Jack was modeled after our infant. 3. “Num num coookieeehhhhhs” has now become A Thing in our household.
  • 8. Bohemian Rhapsody–1. I completely understand (and support) why Rami Malek won for best actor. 2. I wonder what Freddie Mercury would be like if he were alive today? 3. I was so excited about this movie that I’m pretty sure I missed half of it and now need to go back and rewatch it. 
  • 9. Aquaman–1. This movie is just Silly. 2. So, Mera–she’s a grown up Ariel, yeah? 3. I had no idea Nicole Kidman was in this movie. 
  • 10. Ocean’s 8–1. This is very heist-forward, and not-so-much plot line or character development forward. 2. I love all the women in this movie, separately and together. 3. I was kind of sad that Danny Ocean is presumably dead, yet hopeful that it is just a ruse. 
  • 11. The Post–1. I would have liked to see more about Graham on the personal side, and the struggles she faced in moving from Hostess with the Mostess to Publisher of a National Newspaper. I feel like there was more there, and I wanted them to get into it. 2. Can this really be considered a political thriller since we already know the ending? 3. I love Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks, full stop. Though Tom Hanks’ accent (??) in this movie is a little weird. 
  • 12. Always Be My Maybe–1. This is one of the most fun rom-coms I’ve seen in a VERY long time, and one I would happily rewatch over and over. I could NOT stop giggling to myself, and since I watched it on a plane ride to Chicago, my fellow passengers probably thought I was nuts. 2. Seriously, the writing is clean and smart and hilarious. 3. Two words: Keanu. Reeves. Another word: HILARIOUS. 
  • 13. Spies Like Us–1. I always forget how differently sex was portrayed in 80s movies, and how non-R rated things were, when they probably should have been. 2. Add this to the list of movies that never would have been made today. 3. Chevy Chase when he was still funny! 
  • 14. Secret Life of Pets 2–1. I missed about 20 minutes of this movie because I was walking the baby up and down the lobby. Don’t worry, I was still able to pick up the plot. 2. Lots of giggles during this movie, that I’m pretty sure went completely over my toddler’s head. 3. Going to a matinee on a Sunday is quite a treat. 
  • 15. Where’d You Go Bernadette?–1. This movie looks exactly how it looked in my head when I read the book. 2. I saw this movie in a dine-in theatre, where waiters came to ME, and brought ME food and wine, and I may never watch a movie another way again, and I think it just made me love the movie even more. 3. The casting for this movie was spot. on. 
  • 16. Ford vs. Ferrari–1. I love Matt Damon as an actor. There, I said it. 2. I was not expecting to like this movie as much as I did. 3. This is definitely one to see on the big screen.
  • 17. Generation Wealth–1. I love a good where are they now, and this documentary is like 90 minutes of that, with a side of money will ruin your psyche. 2. The truest character, IMO, is the former hedge fund manager who rails against money and wealth, but you can totally tell that’s only because he got caught and taken down. Otherwise, he’d still be flying high. Or possibly dead. Hard to say, really. 3. The best line (which I paraphrase here) in the whole thing is, hands down, “I would like to DJ until my fingers can’t spin anymore. I also have a passion for lizards.”


Netflix is really showing me something with their original movies! 

Also, assume that all of these movies are recommended, because if I didn’t include a movie on this list it’s because I never finished watching it, most likely because I didn’t enjoy it. 

And in case you’re wondering what my movie watching has to do with Jeff Bezos, it’s just…it’s a thing. 


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