music week at mcpolish: spring 2015 edition V

27 Mar

See what I’m doing here?

Since usually I have Photo Fridays in this spot? And instead I have a song about a camera to round out this music week? (It was either this or Pictures of You by the original emo kids)

Clever is my middle name.

Actually it’s Veronica.

But my superhero middle name is Clever. McPolish Clever, ehhmmm….Fantasticosity.


McPolish Clever Fantasticosity. That’s it.

It has a nice ring to it. And it comes with an amazing cape.

Now. Go enjoy this last treat for your ears.

Until next Music Week, Interwebers! And as always, tell me what you’re listening to these days!

music week at mcpolish: spring 2015 edition IV

26 Mar

You guys.

It’s Thursday.

That means one more day until the weekend.

You can make it.

I know you can.

Especially in those shoes.

Those shoes are awesome.

So you just take your bad-assed self and dance your way into the weekend, my friends.

music week at mcpolish: spring 2015 edition III

25 Mar

A few things here:

1) George Ezra’s “Budapest” is all over the airwaves right now, and I’m okay with that. If you can’t have fun with that song, especially with the “ooooo!” parts, then you’re just not living.

2) This is one of those cases where the voice does not match at all the picture I had of the artist in my head. I expected a guy with a few runs around the block, perhaps someone with attractive, weathered laugh lines, and instead, it’s a guy who looks like he came straight out of the Alpha Beta fraternity. Or like he could be Nick Carter’s cousin. It was unexpected, let me tell you.

3) Since All Things Sir Ian McKellan are hot right now (why? no clue, but let’s roll with it), I couldn’t help but bring you this track and video for Ezra’s “Listen to the Man.” You really can’t go wrong with coconuts and gongs.

music week at mcpolish: spring 2015 edition II

24 Mar

Welcome to Tuesday at Music Week at Mcpolish. Today I have a for you a tune that my girl Mare Beh Beh introduced me to just last week, and I can’t stop listening to it. Maybe you won’t be able to, either. And that’s okay. There’s nothing wrong with listening to a song six or seven or twenty times on repeat. Unless it’s What’s New, Pussycat?  Or Tom Waits. (I’m looking at you, Swede.)

Anyway, Lord Huron for the repeat win, my friends. Happy Tuesday!

What are you listening to these days? 

music week at mcpolish: spring 2015 edition I

23 Mar

Whenever the seasons transition like they’re doing now—and for some reason, particularly in the winter-to-spring change—I get a hankering for some new tunes. I’m sure there’s some equinoxical* reason, but I don’t like to think to hard about it, honestly. Instead, I like to just dig through my iTunes for artists and albums I haven’t enjoyed for awhile, and bug my friends** about what they’re listening to these days for some inspiration.

That in mind, my Interwebs friends, it’s music week starting today here at McPolish, and I hope you enjoy the brief mix tape I’ve got queued up for the next five days.

First up we have Liz Phair’s “Firewalker,” which is one of my absolute favorite Liz Phair songs. (My all-time favorite being this one.)

The video here says it’s from an April 1999 performance, and the song appeared on her 2003 self-titled album, which got a lot of flak for being more “produced” and a departure from her grittier previous albums (as did the album Somebody’s Miracle, if I remember correctly). I could give a shit about produced, that Liz Phair album takes me immediately back to my early 20s when I Was Very Deep and Everything Was Profound, Including John Mayer. (My 20s were a confusing time.) But that Liz Phair album still holds up for me today, and if Liz Phair was sitting next to me right now I’d be all, “Hey, Liz Phair, you are a teeny-tiny lady who rocks and I love your shit.”

*Totally made that word up.

**No, seriously, what are you listening to these days? Tell me! Tell me!

Edited to add: I think I jumped the gun a little on that whole “transitional season” bit, as I woke up this morning to snow. And it’s still currently snowing. And there are no signs of spring anywhere. Whoopsie-doodle. 

photo friday: books on pub-rade

20 Mar

A couple weekends ago Swede and I traveled to Atlanta to visit some friends, because it just wouldn’t be spring if I didn’t spend a month of incredible weekends being not at home. Swede checked us in the night before our flight, but Southwest wouldn’t let him print boarding passes, and to make a long story short (too late?), the airline gave us each a fistful of cash to take the 1 pm flight rather than the 9 am flight as planned.

Now, I’ve sung the praises of BWI airport, but let me tell you something about airports you don’t know: If there is one in which you need to kill four hours, BWI has nothing on Midway. It’s hard to describe, but let’s just say that the fact that they give you free Starburst on Concourse A really just makes it skyrocket to the top of my airport list. (That and the fact that it’s 15 minutes from my house, but that’s a whole other carryon.) And Swede and I, as we waited for the kind Southwest agents to issue our fistfuls of cash, made the executive decision that we’d hit up Miller’s Pub for a cocktail while we waited. For four hours.

“Listen, if I end up on that show about drunk and disorderly airline passengers, I’m blaming you,” I warned one of the ticket agents.

“Me? Don’t blame me, blame her,” she said, and pointed to her colleague.

“Okay, I can do that.”

ANYWAY, the point is that we sat at the Airport Miller’s Pub for a bit, and then at the Airport Reilly’s Daughter, and then at the Airport Halsted Tap, in an Unintentional Midway Pub Crawl, and I did some writing and Swede did some reading. He just happened to have, quite possibly, the most appropriate book tucked in his bag.

Appropriate pub crawl drinking

Appropriate pub crawl reading

I’m not sure it’s like a full-on joy, but for this nervous flier, let me tell you that a few pops made that flight a whole lot nicer.

photo friday: can we get on with it?

13 Mar
Photo courtesy of Swede

Photo courtesy of Swede

Here we are, in St. Joe, Michigan, trying to have a nice mommy-puppy moment and she’s all, “What’s with this collar and why can’t I be a nudist?.”

And I’m all, “GAH.”

And she’s all, “Seriously. So itchy.”

And I’m all, “Seriously, man, picture time. Look cute.”

And she’s all, “Just one more scratch.”

And I’m all, “GAH.”

And Swede’s all, “I’m going back to the car.”


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