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photo friday: pibble on guard

15 May
Photo courtesy of Swede

Photo courtesy of Swede

Swede and his crew are getting boats ready and getting them in the water, and since dogs like to have jobs, Juniper got put to work as well. I’m not sure how well her performance review will go, however, considering she keeps leaving her post to chase after ducks.


photo friday: just call me

1 Jun

I was rooting through some photos from last summer and found this one. I really hope this boat is in Monroe again this summer. I may have to make a new friend.


6 Jun

Photo courtesy of The Swede

A couple weeks ago, The Swede was spending a good portion of his days hanging from masts, rigging…things, jibbing…stuff, and in general performing great feats of boatary in preparation for the sailing season. But in between the starboards and the portsides and coming abouts, he also managed to snap some lovely photos that make me want to give up my land-lubbing ways, despite the fact that I’ve been known to get sea sick on dry land.

the calm before the storm

16 May

There’s something very peaceful about all these empty slips, before the boats are put in the water, bringing with them the hustle and bustle of summer. It’s a peace that is not easily interrupted.

Unless you let the constant honking of the geese that have returned to the area get to you. And you shouldn’t let it get to you, because there are bigger things to worry about, like avoiding putting a shoe in the goose poop that spots the sidewalks seemingly everywhere.

*shakes fist*