photo friday: things i love, maybe i’ll share. or not.

15 Jan

Part of holiday fun is getting unexpected gift from friends, like this one I received from my friend Jen. (She also sent wine, proving that A) she knows me well, and 2) I may have given myself a reputation  when it comes to wine, and I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing, but for now we’re just going to go with good. Because I said so.)

ANYWAY, this box of treats has become one of my favorite things to play with in the kitchen, and I highly recommend you getting yourself one. Or get yourself a Jen and have her send you one. (With or without the wine, up to you.) I will forewarn you about the Chip & Dip seasoning though, that you should probably get yourself more than one bag of chips or pretzels or whatever it is you want to dip. And you probably won’t want to share. And that, my friends, is just fine. We are grown-ass people and if we want to huddle in our bedrooms with one arm stretched protectively around a bowl of dip and the other deep in the recesses of a bag of ruffled potato chips while our beloved is completely unawares in the living room, well, we’ve earned that right, my friends. We’ve earned it.


Nosy Parker, this dog. 


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