things i’ve been meaning to tell you: october 2015

14 Oct


I’ve been watching the show My House, Your Money on HGTV, and it’s a train wreck multiplied by 12. Plus infinity. And yet I can’t turn away from it. On the one side you have these entitled brats demanding they get what they—and only they—want. And on the other side you have these other entitled brats demanding that their parents, or their aunts and uncles, or their nanas, pay for it.

Ugh. It’s just…No. None of it. I want no part in it. It is all just so catty and the opposite of empowering.

That’s not to say that parents (or Nana) shouldn’t help out their kids with the down payment on a home, if the parents can afford it and are willing. And I’m not trying to say that kids shouldn’t accept said down payment from their parents, if said parents can afford it, and if said child—like anyone buying a home—can be a responsible adult when living in said home. But the upshot is if you don’t trust the person you’re giving money to, or from whom you’re taking the money, then maybe don’t give or take the money. Or at the very least, don’t expect a damn thing in return.


It’s dark out now when I get up in the morning, and it’s really throwing me off my game. (Not that I ever had any game to begin with, but if I did, it would all be shot to hell by now.) I realize that this is the cycle of the earth and the moon and the sun and blah blah blah WORLD, but seriously, it’s always a bit jarring when you wake up and it’s just as dark as when you went to sleep, and then you think you still have four hours of sleep to go but really you only have four minutes and sonofabitch then you spend the next six weeks adjusting to the seasonal change and wake up in a panic every day because you figure you’re late for…something…because it’s always dark out. Also, September was even weirder, because if it’s dark out, I wake up expecting it to also be cold (dark + cold = peanut butter + jelly). But it wasn’t. It was dark and humid.

And dark and humid is just weird. Dark and cold? Sure. Dark and stormy? Of course, there’s a whole freaking genre of movies and books based on dark and stormy. And a cocktail, too. 

But no one has ever written anything brilliant about dark and humid.

(Until this post, of course.)


Can we all agree that recipes are getting a little overzealous with their names these days? No more do you see a recipe for “cheesy baked ziti,” but instead you get a recipe with Every. Damn. Ingredient. in the title. So instead of whipping up cheesy baked ziti for your family on Meatless Monday, you’re concocting, “pecorino-romano and smoked gouda wheat ziti with roasted red pepper roma tomatoes baked in caramelized onion broth of a thousand passion flowers picked by monks on the second Tuesday in July.”

Which sounds delicious. And like Charles Goddamned Dickens has been writing recipe headlines.

Mark my words, there is going to be a backlash to hyper-naming of recipes. And it’s starting here. We’ll go from over-complicating recipe names to under-complicating them, and start calling dishes simple names like dinner. Or eggs. Or pickles.

And it will be amazing. And just as delicious.


I had a little bit of a blogging break last month, because life got a little busy. Swede and I decided to get married, and it turns out getting married and going on a honeymoon takes up a boatload of a girl’s time. But it was well worth it, as now I am officially Mrs. McPolish Swede and he is now officially Mr. Swede.

Getting married was pretty fun, in part because we had donuts at the reception, and also in part because Mr. Swede is a helluva guy, and if you’re marrying a helluva guy (or girl) how can it not be? Well, I guess it could be if your ceremony and/or reception venue was taken over by rebel aliens who confiscated all of the aforementioned donuts and wouldn’t share, but thankfully that didn’t happen to us. Though honestly if it had, Mariano’s was right across the street and probably would have delivered more after the aliens finally left.

Ring of power

Ring of power


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