photo friday: animals, at peace. maybe.

31 Jul

We have a houseguest for the next few weeks. Her name is Emily and she’s come to help Swede with boat engines, and for that alone we give three cheers.

Hip! Hip! Horaaaaayyy!

Since Emily is originally from Canada and is going back to school for marine mechanics this fall, I’ve taken to referring to her as our foreign exchange student, a moniker she seems perfectly happy with.

With Emily comes Gigi, her at-least-7-years-old (possibly older, hard to say) cat.

For those keeping track, that brings our current tally to three cats, three humans, and one dog in a one bedroom condo.

No, trust me.

That’s the tally.

I’ve done the math several times.

Anyshoes, Gigi, unlike the jerks who live with us permanently, doesn’t seem to be too bothered by the dog. Or at the very least she doesn’t shoot eye-daggers at us anytime the dog breathes in her direction. Sure there’s the occasional hiss that could peel paint off the wall, and a bat at Juniper’s face when she gets too close for Gigi’s liking, but honestly, I did the same thing to a woman at Walgreen’s last week, so no judging on my end.*

In fact, here is proof that Gigi is more mature and tolerable of the dog’s presence than our own felines. Behold! The two animals are lounging within a couple dozen inches of each other on the same piece of furniture!

cat and dog in bed copy

Granted, Gigi looks mildly disgusted that the big jumpy white animal is gnawing away on God knows what, but let’s be honest—it wouldn’t be a day that ends in Y without every cat everywhere looking mildly disgusted at something at all times.

*Kidding. Maybe.

3 Responses to “photo friday: animals, at peace. maybe.”


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