photo friday: four scored

12 Jun

Springfield Statehouse

Four score and seven weeks ago (or March of this year, whatever), Swede and I had a Travelzoo certificate for an overnight in Springfield, complete with tickets to the Lincoln Museum.

Let me tell you something you don’t know about Illinois’ state capital: It is lovely when lit up at night, with no crowds as you stroll around, wine in hand, which probably isn’t terribly legal, but no one seemed to mind, probably because the few people who were out and about at the late, late hour of 9 pm were drunk on cheap beer from the town’s St. Patrick’s Day festivities earlier in the day.

But let me tell you something else: Besides the capitol building and the Lincoln Museum (which is absolutely terrific, and I would recommend to anyone, history lovers or nay), ehhmm…yeah, there’s not a whole lot to do in Springfield. There is a brewery, and yes, of course we went to it (have you not met us?) but that’s about it: Capitol building, Lincoln Museum, brewery. Annnnddd….scene.

I’m not sure how I feel about that. I feel like, Springfield! You’re the state capital! Jazz yourself up a bit, man! But that begs the question, how exactly does a state capital jazz itself up? I’m thinking live animals, like elephants or penguins, to replace the security guards in the capitol building. That could be fun, no?

But please feel free to submit your own ideas in the comments below.


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