photo friday: vacationing

10 Apr

A couple weeks ago Swede and I and Family of Swede went down to St. Croix for a getaway. I was only able to get away for a few days, but Swede and Family of Swede got to stay a bit longer, and while I could grumble and mumble I won’t, because I still got to pay a visit to a tropical island with warm, balmy temperatures, constant sunshine, and friendly people.

Not that Chicago doesn’t have its fair share of friendly people, but come the end of March/beginning of April when we just, for the love of all that is holy and decent, want to stop wearing our heaviest coats, even the nicest of Midwesterners get a little crabby.

So even if it was for a handful of days, I’ll take it. A few days did a world of good for getting the crabby out.

And you know what else helped?


And Rummy.

Never underestimate the power of cocktails and cards, my friends.



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