music week at mcpolish: spring 2015 edition I

23 Mar

Whenever the seasons transition like they’re doing now—and for some reason, particularly in the winter-to-spring change—I get a hankering for some new tunes. I’m sure there’s some equinoxical* reason, but I don’t like to think to hard about it, honestly. Instead, I like to just dig through my iTunes for artists and albums I haven’t enjoyed for awhile, and bug my friends** about what they’re listening to these days for some inspiration.

That in mind, my Interwebs friends, it’s music week starting today here at McPolish, and I hope you enjoy the brief mix tape I’ve got queued up for the next five days.

First up we have Liz Phair’s “Firewalker,” which is one of my absolute favorite Liz Phair songs. (My all-time favorite being this one.)

The video here says it’s from an April 1999 performance, and the song appeared on her 2003 self-titled album, which got a lot of flak for being more “produced” and a departure from her grittier previous albums (as did the album Somebody’s Miracle, if I remember correctly). I could give a shit about produced, that Liz Phair album takes me immediately back to my early 20s when I Was Very Deep and Everything Was Profound, Including John Mayer. (My 20s were a confusing time.) But that Liz Phair album still holds up for me today, and if Liz Phair was sitting next to me right now I’d be all, “Hey, Liz Phair, you are a teeny-tiny lady who rocks and I love your shit.”

*Totally made that word up.

**No, seriously, what are you listening to these days? Tell me! Tell me!

Edited to add: I think I jumped the gun a little on that whole “transitional season” bit, as I woke up this morning to snow. And it’s still currently snowing. And there are no signs of spring anywhere. Whoopsie-doodle. 


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