photo friday: miller time

16 Jan

Gary, IN copy

Two words you don’t normally hear in the same sentence are “beautiful” and “Gary, Indiana.” (Okay, that’s three words.)

Not these days, anyway.

In its heyday, even before it became known as the hometown of Michael Jackson and his bevy of siblings, Gary was a pretty good spot, full of life and industry and bustling with activity, and far from today’s more common word association of “crime-ridden armpit.” Driving through the city, it’s sad to see how depressed it has become, the grandeur of the old buildings not just faded but boarded up and left for dead.

There are a few signs of life, one of which is the 18th Street Brewery, which opened in Miller Beach a couple years ago. Since its opening 18th Street has gained quite the following, and people who would have scoffed at the idea of venturing to the Gary area are instead shrugging their shoulders in happy defeat while they sip stouts.

That gives me hope for the area that this brewery is really taking off. It gives me hope for any town that was once great to become great again. It might take awhile, but awhile is often better than never.


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