2015: explore

14 Jan


Last year I read a post by Kym over at The Smartness that talked about choosing a word for the year. Her word for 2014 was MOVE.

At that point at the beginning of last year, I did a lot of thinking and pondering about what my word for the year would be. How did I want to try and shape my year? What word really spoke to me? I thought about it for a while. Then I had a glass of wine, and then I thought and pondered some more, had another glass of wine, ate some potato chips, wandered around the house for a bit, was yelled at by the cats, thought about making some brownies, and it came to me.


So I did. I spent a good chunk of 2014 creating everything that I could—opportunities, new relationships, words, baked goods, memories, really whatever I could get my mind or hands on. And you know what? That worked out pretty well for me. 2014 had its bumps (what year doesn’t?) but there were certainly some gems in there.

Toward the end of December, amidst the Best of lists that paper the world, I started thinking about what I wanted my word to be for 2015. Did I want to use CREATE for a second year in a row? Did I want something new? Maybe a little bit of both?

So I thought about it for awhile, had some wine, ate some cheese, discussed it with the dog, who, unlike the cats, does not yell at me, got yelled at by the cats for favoring the dog, had another glass of wine, and hit upon what I really want to do this year.


I turned the word over in my head, tossed it against the wall and it stuck. I see it, and there are so many possibilities of what it can mean. Explore new prospects. Explore new ideas. Explore new areas. Explore new states. Explore new languages or cooking techniques or really whatever the hell looks interesting. And the word, to me, still has a heavy dose of the CREATE that I like so much, too.

So let’s see what happens in 2015, Interwebers. And, as always, if you have Thoughts or Feelings about things I can EXPLORE throughout the year, don’t hesitate to shout them out. And if you have a word of your own you’re focusing on this year, and feel like sharing it, please do!


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