wherein i take on another project

15 Nov

When I got my DSLR camera five years ago, I fell in love with it and I fell hard. I still love it, though I sadly don’t tote it around with me as often as I used to. Mostly it comes out for events, like the annual fall photo shoot I do with my sister’s family, or the shoot I do with her kids for their annual Christmas card.

But day to day, I’m usually snapping pictures on my phone. And I’m pretty sure that’s the norm for a lot of people these days. (Instagram, back me up on that, will you?) I’m not special in that way; it’s just the way of technology and what’s happening in the world these days.

And while I’m making an effort to get back to practicing photography with my big camera, there’s no harm in also practicing with my little (phone) one, too. To that end, this week I kicked off my 365 photo project, which is basically me posting a picture a day for this series that I’m hashtagging with #mcpolishoneyear.

(Clever. Original. I know.)

If you’re interested in seeing a glimpse of my daily life (the good, the bad, the happy, the sad), then follow along on Instagram. You’ll find me at mollystrz. And if you’re looking for a little photo challenge for yourself, then go on with your bad self! Ain’t no one stopping you, and I’d love to see your dailies.


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