photo friday: sipping strides

7 Nov

Vice District

Back in September, a neat little brewery opened up mere blocks from the Swede/McPolish abode.

And life was good.

So we went to check it out, and lo! They didn’t have a permit to actually sell beer that first night, but rather than leave our neighborhood high and dry, they handed out free samples of all their brews.

And life got even better.

And as we sipped, Swede and I and our friend Noah, we discovered that the beer was quite delicious.

And life was grand.

Because it’s not often you can achieve the trifecta of breweries—near your house, free, and tastes good. You can usually get two of the three, or one of the three. There are those breweries that Swede and I have visited that turned out to be none of the three, and that’s just a downer.

Granted, Vice District got the whole permit-to-sell-beer thing worked out, and they now do in fact charge us to drink their product, but that’s okay, because in addition to the beer they have free popcorn, which has secured them a place in my kernel-loving heart.

I love our little ‘hood.



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