photo friday: table 5 rocks the house

12 Sep

Table 5 rocks the house

A few weeks ago, my sweet friend Lindsay decided it was a good day to get married. So the DC Family and I traversed over to East Lansing, Michigan to partake in the festivities, and let me tell you something about me at weddings that you don’t know: It turns out I can dance for four hours straight in 3 1/2-inch high heels.

I just can’t help myself, you guys–especially when Locked Out of Heaven comes on. The sweet, sweet dance moves just want to spring forth out of me and make themselves known to the world. Though to be honest they’re not terribly particular about my footwear.



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    […] Swede and I and the DC Family traversed to Baltimore for a Family Member’s wedding. The bride—who rocked the house in Michigan—knew well to put our motley crew next to the dance floor for her wedding in Charm […]

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