wherein i did something (i think is) pretty spectacular

30 Jul

Remember that time a month(esque) ago I put together a book list in all seriousness, and then completely undermined my own goal seeking by admitting I rarely, if ever, actually get around to reading the books I put on my book list?

Ha HA!

I’ve foiled my own plan!

I’ve undermined my undermining!

I’ve finished not one, but TWO books on the Summer 2014 McPolish Reading List! And I’m working on finishing a third!

No, it’s true. I really have accomplished such a feat.

I know what you’re thinking, and I’m as stunned and amazed as you are. Feel free to pat me on the back the next time you see me, because my arms are getting tired from doing it myself.

The first book to get a strikethrough was Mary Kay Andrews’ Ladies Night, which I would recommend if you’re looking for a great beach read. There were a couple of parts that struck me as a little thin, plot-wise, but overall I escaped quickly and happily into this book. Andrews has a way with descriptions that, as I’ve said before, makes me wish I was an interior designer or another career along those lines.

The second book I finished was Amy Falls Down, by Jincy Willett. Oh, Jincy Willett, how I love, nay, adore your writing. Amy Falls Down is one of those books I want to read slooooowly so I can savor every page. It’s a follow up (kind of? Maybe? I guess. It’s not a sequel, that’s for sure.) to The Writing Class, which I read a few years ago and enjoyed as well. (Though not as much as Amy Falls Down, to be honest.) Willett’s writing often goes off on tangents before coming back around to the original point or observation, but it’s done so deftly that you find yourself happily going along for the ride.

Third in line for finishing is Scott Johnson’s The Wolf and the Watchman. I’ll admit—I’m having a hard time engaging with the book mainly, I think, because I’m not accustomed to reading non-fiction. Despite this, I’m a third of the way through, and while it’s a good story, I’m curious to see where it’s headed. The general theme so far seems to be, “My dad was CIA. It made for a very challenging life for him and our family.” I’m just hoping we get to see what those challenges are.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to the library. The rest of this list isn’t going to read itself, you know.


How is your summer reading going so far, Interwebers? What have you finished? What are you reading now? What’s been added to your list?


One Response to “wherein i did something (i think is) pretty spectacular”

  1. Annliese July 30, 2014 at 12:12 AM #

    “Feel free to pat me on the back the next time you see me, because my arms are getting tired from doing it myself.” Haaaaaahahahaha

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