still well stocked in sugar and flour

9 Jul

Despite what you may think due to lack of words on this blog lately, I am still here, and I do still bake things. In fact, I’ve whipped up quite a few treats in the past month or so to:

A)   Relieve boredom

B)    Relieve my cabinets of extraneous ingredients

C)    Feel an intense pride that I did not let bananas go to waste. Again.

I’m not proud of my banana waste, Interwebs. I’m truly not. So one fine Saturday a few weeks back I did something with some bananas I’d bought, and that something was to add them to chocolate chips and bake them into bread, and life was good and my kitchen smelled happy.

I’m sorry, I just get very emphatic when I can put bananas to good use.

Anyway, this is all to say that you can expect some baking-related recounting to come your way soon, and won’t that be exciting?

No, actually.

It will be BANANAS.

Speaking of which, unlike the last time I successfully made banana bread (it’s a rare occasion, surprisingly), I did two things differently this time:

1)    I made mini loaves (because I figured they’re easier to control, and I love lording a baking dictatorship over quick breads)


2)    I used my family’s recipe rather than the recipe from the Joy of Cooking (because I’m a traditionalist and enjoy following recipes I’ve scribbled on an M-shaped note pad with directions such as “mix wet and dry. Bake 350 1 hour or whatever.”)

Also, potential difference #3: the aforementioned chocolate chips (because just because).

And lo! Did these two (maybe three) differences make a difference and never again shall I make a full-sized banana bread, particularly because I still have two mini-loaves lovingly wrapped in tinfoil and stored in my freezer. There is only so much banana bread you can eat in one sitting, after all, and granted that so much is unsurprisingly quite a lot and now I’m thinking these frozen loaves might do well to turn into some sort of bread pudding that involves a bourbon caramel sauce and holy Sweet Mary Mother of God I think I just made my own head explode with my own brilliance.

It’s about to get crazy up in this weblog, you guys. I hope you brought a fork.

Banana Bread


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