better and more

8 May

A couple weeks ago I went to a romance writer’s conference and….


Have I ever mentioned this to you before? That I sometimes write fiction? And it’s romance fiction? Except not really romance-romance, because as I confirmed at the aforementioned conference (that prior to this sentence you may not have even realized I’d have any interest in attending), what I write falls more in the category of Women’s Fiction with Romantic Elements.

Now that you’re all caught up (Maybe? Am I even caught up myself? Doubtful.), this was a complete 180 in terms of usefulness from the last writing conference I attended in September. This one had a lot more information and insight that I could apply to my own writing, an incredibly welcoming organizing committee and attendees, and honest to Christmas I was utterly exhausted by the end of the day simply from the overload of creativity!, and ideas!, and HFS, I need to quit my life right now so I can sit at the computer and compose beautiful pages of woooooorddssss!

And I only attended one day of the two-day conference.

Could you imagine how I’d feel if I’d been able to attend both days? It’s more than likely I would have completely imploded into a mass of goo and lipstick.

One of the highlights/part of what kick-started a minor implosion into goo and lipstick of the conference was the opportunity to pitch a Real! Live! Agent! TA-DAAA!

Highlight because, wow. Just, wow. It’s not easy to catch an agent’s attention, but to have an appointment wherein it’s TOTALLY OKAY AND ENCOURAGED AND LEGAL to hold one captive for 10 minutes?

But minor implosion into goo and lipstick because, HFS GAH. You want me to pitch an agent? You want me to…to…whu…buh…lksjflskdjflskd….goo.

Being that it was my first agent pitch ever, I have high hopes that I will be better and more next time I have the opportunity to pitch. Better and more what? Fill in the blank. (Unless it’s with the word “sweaty,” in which case, I’d like to be less.) I could do with better and more of everything, but God bless that agent, she didn’t even bat an eye at what must have looked like a head-bobbing, rambling, hand-flapping hot mess. And when I finished yammering my way around the outline of my book, she also gave me some very helpful feedback and the invitation to send her a synopsis and first 30 pages when it was ready.

As an added bonus, I did not yarf on anyone’s shoes.


I’m disappointed I wasn’t able to stay for the evening’s Gala Event, because let me tell you something, romance writers know how to Party. Up. (I have never met such a large group of women and the occasional man, gathered together, who live and love for wine and chocolate.) But next time, next year, I’m in. For the agent, for the Gala, for it all.

I’ll be sure to pack extra lipstick.


3 Responses to “better and more”

  1. Cassie May 8, 2014 at 2:13 PM #

    Did you go to the RWA? You should not skip the gala. You’re right. Romance writers DO know how to party. They are a fun bunch.

    • mollystrz May 8, 2014 at 2:15 PM #

      I went to the Chicago North RWA chapter’s conference. I think the national conference is in July? I would LOVE to attend that, alas, vacation time isn’t allowing it this year. Bummer.


  1. and just like that, it’s over | - June 1, 2016

    […] Remember that time I didn’t throw up on my shoes? […]

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