photo friday: people that you meet

7 Feb


A few weeks back, the church two blocks from us held its monthly pancake breakfast. Not being ones to pass up pancakes and sausage, and being a bit nosy to boot, Swede and I ponied up the $10 for the two of us to eat breakfast in the church hall.

We also got to meet the pastor of the church, who let us take a look around the church itself, and gave us a bit of history about the place. Which is when I realized that this was not just a building I walked past on my way to the bus stop every morning, it was a piece of Chicago history.

Back in the day, this was the church of the Fields, the Pullmans, and other high society families of the city. The windows are stained Tiffany glass, and each costs, we learned, $300,000 to repair. The current congregation is small, not at all what it used to be, and the building is now an historic landmark.

Looking around the church it is stunning. Not at all what I’d pictured when I stared at the building from the outside, waiting for the bus.


One Response to “photo friday: people that you meet”

  1. Solitary Diner February 7, 2014 at 9:18 AM #

    I went there when I visited Chicago in 2012! It was one of the top-rated attractions on Trip Advisor. Such a gorgeous church.

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