photo friday: o tannenbaum

3 Jan

Hansel Drei

Being that this was our first Christmas in our new home, obviously it was essential that Swede and I Make Happy Holiday Memorieeeees, Dammit. Which in this case meant getting a tree and decorating it with all seven ornaments we have.

Growing up I always had a fake tree, and while they are lovely, it is actually more practical in our boot box of a condo (bigger than a shoe box, at least, eh?) to get a live tree, seeing as how once the holiday season is over we can recycle the thing rather than store it in space we don’t have. Unless, of course, we decided that we didn’t really need a couch, in which case maybe we could carve a new seating area from the tree’s trunk and start a new line of eco-friendly furniture.

It’s a thought.

Anyway, since we don’t have tannenbaums growing in our backyard, and since we don’t actually have a backyard, off to the Home Depot went we, where it took us not one, not two, but three tries to pick out a suitable Christmas tree. The first tree we chose, we thought we had picked out a lovely, green tree that we could decorate, and even decided on the name Hansel* for this robust gent, but apparently our decision was for naught. We brought Hansel over to be leveled off and wrapped while we went inside to pick up some other necessities (ie, paint samples), and when we came back out, the wrapping-leveler girl informed us that the tree had such a wonky base and she’d had to cut so much of it off that we’d probably want to pick out another tree.

“Oh, no, we’re sure it’s fine,” we started to tell her, before she stepped back to reveal that the six-foot tall tree we’d picked out was now approximately three-and-a-half feet tall.


So back to the tree piles we went, and picked out a second Hansel. Hansel Zwei, we called him as we hauled him up to the wrap stand, only to have the girl give the trunk a once-over and shake her head at us.

“Maybe I should help you,” she said, coming out of her booth. She marched us over to the pile of trees again and we gingerly picked through the stack until Swede pointed to a tree that the wrapping lady deemed acceptable. She leveled off the base, wrapped it tight, and a guy strapped it to the roof of our car, and off we drove home.

Hansel Drei has been standing tall in our home ever since.

And thankfully, we received more ornaments as presents this year, which means next year, Hansel Vier will be veritably glittering with decorations.

At least on the front.

No one really looks at the back of the tree, right?

*Christmas trees just have a German air about them, ja?


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