things i’ve been meaning to tell you, part i’ve-lost-count

30 Oct

One: Obviously looking at the calendar we can see that fall is upon us. But how else do I know this for certain? My overwhelming desire to hunker down in my cozies and watch immense amounts of television. Currently that includes House of Cards, Season 2 of Homeland, and Season 2 of Call the Midwife. (I’m not normally one for gory shows—I can’t watch Game of Thrones with Swede—and you’d think a show about having babies would be pretty gross. But it’s not. It’s intense, yes. But not gross. It’s a BBC show, and God bless those Brits for keeping things civil.) If there are any other shows you’d recommend, let me know. I’m taking requests.

Two: One of the items on my goal list for this year was to attend a writer’s conference, in an effort to self-impose more stringency and dedication to the projects I’ve been working on for seemingly ever. And at the end of September, I got to cross that goal off my list with the Chicago Writer’s Conference. Hooray! I say to myself, and then…eh. The conference, I felt, was a bit of a letdown. The group running it seemed cliquish, and while I attended about five sessions over the two days, only three of them I felt were worthwhile and provided good insight. (One I went to by accident, and it was probably the most useful of the sessions I attended.) The conference seemed very focused on the business aspect of writing, rather than the craft itself, which was a disappointment. I’m still trying to get first drafts and rewrites done on some of my projects; monetizing them is still in the distant future. Knowing the business end is good to know, for sure, but right here, right now, I’d have preferred something…different. I’ve signed up for another conference this spring, and looking at the agenda I have high hopes it will be more in line with my needs and wants.

Three: Cool autumnal weather comes and it’s like an alarm goes off in my head, screaming, “MCPOLISH NEEDED IN THE KITCHEN! MCPOLISH NEEDED IN THE KITCHEN!” And the next thing I know it’s a week later and I’m covered in varying amounts of olive oil, flour, chicken and raisins. I mean, there are worse ways to spend your days, but now my pants don’t fit and this, Interwebers, is a serious problem.

Four: I am seriously considering convincing Swede that we should get a dog.


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