photo friday: wherein you shall tap into your thinkiness.

25 Oct


A couple weeks ago, Swede and I went down to the 31st street marina here is Sweet Home to take some pictures of the boats, the water, and the surrounding environs.

At which point we came across this….art installation?…unlabeled office furniture auction?…newest trend in telecommuting? I’m not really sure, and we didn’t see any signs explaining what exactly we were supposed to be seeing/experiencing. I guess that is kind of the point of art, though, isn’t it? To come to your own conclusions? One man’s trash is another man’s treasure and all that. Not that I’m saying these desks and chairs, all lined up like they are waiting for a 1950s typing pool to descend upon them, are trash.

All I’m saying is that they look a little lonely. Like maybe they could use a matching stapler.


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