photo friday: ah, childhood

9 Aug


Last weekend I took some photos for good friends of mine that are starting the adoption process. They needed photos not only of the two of them, but also of their home and the surrounding areas.

I couldn’t have asked for better weather, with perfect sun and cloudless skies. We trooped over to the park near their house for more photos, and I snapped this one of the swing set because looking at it made me think of the parks near our old house, the one I lived in only for a few years before we moved. But they were great parks for an eight-year-old (though somewhat run down now, the last I saw of them), and damn if I don’t have a hankering to go play on a swing right now.

Also, if you think my friends and I didn’t thank our sweet corn that there were no people actually, you know, IN the park when we were taking photos, you are wrong. I didn’t want to be that creeper with a camera at the playground, for the love of all that is holy. And how would I have explained to people that there was a Very. Good. Reason. for me to be running around shoeless and flopping down in the grass, pointing my lens at the jungle gym and the like, without sounding like a total nut job? Not coming off like a total nut job is not something at which I excel.


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