may-a-day photo challenge

1 May

As any good project lover/list maker might do, I had the brilliant idea to get a photo-a-day challenge going for the month of May. Below you’ll find a list of daily prompts for you to interpret as you see fit, and I hope you’ll consider playing along daily, weekly, or whatever fits in with your schedule, even if the most you can muster is checking out what other people have photographed. It doesn’t matter whether you take pictures with a fancy-pants camera, or just click away with your smartphone—whatever makes you happy, is what McPolish says!

If you do want to play along, post your photos on Instagram, Twitter, or your own blog with the hashtag #MayADay and/or #McPolish, You can also leave a link to your photo in the comments section of this post reminding me—and the rest of the readers—to visit your photos so we can properly ooohhh and ahhhh.

Happy May, everyone!

Now get snapping, Interwebers, and show me what you’ve got!

McPolish May-A-Day Photo Challenge Prompts:

1 Pastime                               11 Timing                 21 Balance              

2 My Indulgence                 12 Mom                     22 Yellow

3 Fresh                                   13 Power                  23 Joy

4 Run                                      14 Foodie                 24 Travel

5 Through                             15 Surprise              25 Cook

6 Brown                                 16 Change                26 Jump

7 Love                                     17 Plant                      27 Memorial

8 Work                                   18 Simple                   28 Grow

9 Amazing                             19 Disaster                 29 Renew

10 Cool                                   20 Type                       30 Biology

                                                                                         31 Next 


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