conversations, parts II and III

16 Apr

A recent Gmail chat between the Swede and I*:

Swede: Do you think if I combine Greek yogurt and liingonberries (hence, melding the Mediterranean and Nordic diets) I will live forever?

Me: Yes. You will be a product of a Super Diet, and therefore become immortal. A Swedish Greek god, if you will.


Me: Wait, are lingonberries actually part of the Nordic diet, or are you just adding them because you can buy them at IKEA?


A recent textversation between Everyone Needs a Julie and I*, while I happened to be watching a little HGTV.

Me: Mom and I are watching HGTV and drinking wine and judging people.

ENAJ: You know, moms like to act like they aren’t judgy, but really they are the best at it.

Me: Let’s face it, Mom has some Definite. Opinions. Even if she does act all breezy about it. And when it comes to some of the morons on HGTV, I can’t say I entirely disagree with her. Also, listen, I am not okay with a teal counter. I’m just putting it out there.

ENAJ: So much for your housewarming gift, you damn ingrate.

Me: I’m such an asshole.


*Me? Forgive my poor grammar. I always get this one confused. 


One Response to “conversations, parts II and III”

  1. Cassie April 17, 2013 at 9:24 AM #

    I’m relatively certain it should be “me” in that sentence, not “I”

    You can usually figure it out by taking away the other person. That’s harder to do when you’re talking about a conversation. However, I think you would say “a recent conversation I had” or “a recent conversation with me” – I think your sentence falls into the “me” arena.

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