photo friday: digging in

5 Apr


A couple weeks ago Swede and I packed our bags and headed down to Florida where my parents have become snowbirds. Because apparently, this is the thing to do when you hit a certain age: You, and the majority of your social circle, move en masse from one section of the country to another section of the country for three to five months, giving the proverbial finger to winter and your children, for whom you did not provide a trust fund, and therefore said children must work during the winter months instead of having a deliriously extended vacation, and have to settle for visiting you for only a long weekend instead.


Anyway, it was a lovely jaunt away from gray and cold Chicago for a few days. We dug our toes in the sand, lolled about by the pool, played an insane amount of cards, and had a Sunday all-day outing to the racetrack. Because apparently that is what I do, now that I’ve hit a certain age. You know why? Because MY future condo in Florida ain’t gonna buy itself, Interwebers.


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