photo friday: a tale of two horses

22 Mar


For my birthday, Swede and I headed to the track to bet on the ponies and usher in my 34th year. I won a whole $3 on the sixth race (and may have lost $10 total on the other races*), and managed to cross an item off my Spring Fling list all at once.

I’d say that’s a pretty good night, wouldn’t you?**


*Am a high roller. And I was totally betting with Swede’s money.

**We left after that sixth race to go get gyros, because A) they’re delicious, and 2) I have absolutely the most horrendous luck at gambling. That I won $3 was a birthday miracle, and listen, I know to quit when I’m ahead. 


2 Responses to “photo friday: a tale of two horses”


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