theatre goer

20 Mar


Last weekend, Swede and I went to see Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure downtown. I do love a good Shakespearean experience. It’s always intriguing to see how a director will stage the production, whether they’ll go traditional or…not.

In this case it was…not. It was the very opposite of traditional. Set in 1970s New York. Lots of simulated sex. Lots of simulated drugs. At one point a girl dancing topless on a bar. It was a bit shocking, it was gripping, and it was pretty appropriate for this “problem play” of Will’s. In that aspect I both liked it and thought it was off-the-wall. What that averages out to I’m still not sure.

Shakespeare is funny for me. Not like, ha-ha funny, though the plays are sometimes that, too. It’s funny in the way that I always spend the first ten minutes or so struggling to figure out just what the shit is going on, what the characters are saying, and getting frustrated because the language is so convoluted in a lot of ways, and more than that, so far from how we speak on a daily basis. (Does this happen to anyone else? No? Just me? Okay then.) And what inevitably ends up happening is I have to consciously tell myself to relax, and just take it in, and eventually it will all make sense, even if I can’t get every word. And you know what? It does. And what that averages out to is an experience I want to seek out again and again.


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