photo friday: cake, please

8 Mar

I have a confession.

Before this week, I’ve made Rice Krispie treats exactly once in my life.

It feels really good to get that off my chest.

But now, NOW! Now I’ve got two more makings under my belt. See, Mare Beh Beh of the Funeral Directors texted me last week and she was all, “Woman. Can you make a rice krispie cake?”

And I was all, “By you, do you mean a general you or me specifically?”

And she was all, “Both.”

And I was like, “Okay.”


A quick turn to the googler turned up a couple of recipes, which were easier to make than you ever could imagine. And to be precise, I should clarify that these are cake batter flavored  rice krispie treats, not so much a cake that tastes like rice krispie treats. Though I bet that would be tasty, too. Anyway, I whipped up a batch for Beh Beh’s brother’s surprise party (as he’s not a fan of cake, but IS a fan of the treats), and then on Sunday, since I had half of a huge box of leftover Rice Krispies that would have gone stale if I didn’t do something with them….well.

You do the math.

No, wait, don’t do the math. Unless you want to. Math was never my strong suit in school, and if you felt the same I don’t want to be responsible for sending you into a hyperventilating panic attack thinking I’m going to start demanding equations of you.

So  I’ll just leave it at Yay! Rice Krispie Treats! Cake!



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