five things I’ve been meaning to tell you

6 Feb
  1. Swede and I are in the middle of The Great Winter Rummy Challenge. More nights than not we sit down at the kitchen table and shuffle up and deal, seven cards each, round after round, playing to 300. We are keeping track ever-so-scientifically on a piece of paper hanging on the refrigerator. I am currently having my ass handed to me, and losing 11 rounds to six. But I smell a comeback on the rise. It entails distracting Swede and possibly a lot of liquor. I’ll let you know how it goes.
  2. Sister #3 had me in the Christmas Secret Santa this year and got me the number one item on my wish list: A Roku. I’ve been watching a lot of West Wing, which is, of course, to be expected, and Swede has been making his way through various and sundry television series as well. But I feel we’re not really using the Roku to its fullest potential, and probably missing out on a lot of excellent television and movies that are just that perfect answer for when you want to veg out and get lost in a good story line, beautiful scenery, engaging actors. So—suggestions on shows or movies we should check out? Amazon Prime and Netflix are both options, so suggest away.
  3. I want new shoes. I don’t NEED new shoes, but I WANT them. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you might look at it), there is a DSW steps away from my office. You do the math. This is all part of a larger want of shopping spree I can feel brewing.
  4. Speaking of shopping, has anyone else noticed that Land’s End, L.L. Bean, and JC Penney have really upped their stylish quotient? No, none of these people are paying me to say nice things, but seriously, if you haven’t already, check them out. Especially the dresses. I think you’ll be happily surprised.
  5. I’d like to take up knitting. I know I once kind of joked that I wanted to learn to knit, but not really, but it turns out I’m actually now all, “Huh. I think I’d like to try that.” So I checked a book out of the library, and picked out a project. I intend to rely on the kindness of YouTube and friends who actually…you know…know how to knit already to help me make the World’s Greatest Scarf. Get excited. If you’re lucky, maybe I will make one for you. I think in blue. Blue is really your color.

4 Responses to “five things I’ve been meaning to tell you”

  1. Angela February 6, 2013 at 11:24 AM #

    love it! I wish I could give you some knitting tips. Maybe by the end of the month. I’m going to have some friends reteach me how to knit. i’ve got my needles and yarn and project all ready…now to just actually do it.

    I’m a netflix junky. I too have been lately making my way through West Wing. You can also find Buffy, Angel, Lost, Arrested Development, Nikita, Eureka, Better off Ted, Rules of Engagement, Glee…gosh so many. Not a ton of current shows but it’s more fun to watch a whole series from beginning to end anyways!

    • mollystrz February 11, 2013 at 12:00 PM #

      Ang, you are a wealth of information–thank you for the suggestions! I bought my yarn and needles the other day, and hope to have my first lesson soon. Once I get halfway decent, I see no reason why we shouldn’t meet at, say, Round Barn and spend an afternoon drinking wine and knitting together. 🙂


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