photo friday: nuns not on the run, but sitting.

21 Dec


I know I wrote about Pierogi Fest (albeit briefly) earlier this summer, but I recently came across this photo, and did I ever mention that there were more than a few nuns there? In a dunk tank?

Yeah, that’s right.

Nuns in a dunk tank.

Real nuns, too. Not just ladies dressed up like nuns.

And they were HECKLING nuns, too.

While snapping this photo, the nun in the tank yelled out to the guy throwing the baseball, wildly missing the target, “That all ya got? Come OOOOONNNN.”

And you know? I think he did deserve it. His throwing was simply terrible. If you’re going to chuck a baseball at a nun in a dunk tank, throw it like you mean it, man.


One Response to “photo friday: nuns not on the run, but sitting.”

  1. Paloma December 21, 2012 at 12:21 PM #

    LOL! That’s such a funny picture! 😉 Thanks for sharing! so… how is your baking going? Were you able to get December’s cupcakes? I am just so happy with the results we got… trust me… if you haven’t baked them yet… YOU WANT TO bake them… they’re delicious and so far everybody’s been happy with the results! 😉 Keep us posted! We’re already voting for our February cake. (Paloma from The Cake Slice)

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