photo friday: pre-mix

23 Mar

Swede and I have gotten into many discussions about what to call it when you chop these items up and mix them together and create the tasty concoction best eaten with tortilla chips. I call it Gina’s Salsa, named after my sweet roommate from who I ganked the recipe. Swede says it’s not salsa, it’s pico, and he knows because he went to Texas for school and spent a long time honing this knowledge. And then I have to be all, “I get that, but the name of the recipe is Gina’s Salsa.” And then he’s all, “But it’s not salsa, it’s pico.” And I’m like, “I know, but the name of the recipe isn’t Gina’s Pico, it’s Gina’s Salsa.” And he’s like, “But it’s not salsa.”

And then I just ask him to pass the chips because all this talking means we’re not actually eating Gina’s Salsa-But-It’s-Not-Salsa-It’s-Really-Pico, which is just wrong.

I know.

My mediation skills astound me as well.


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