photo friday: half-baked

27 Jan

You guys.

And girls.

Really, anyone out there who likes to bake things.

Or eat things.

I have a confession. In all of my trials and tribulations in the kitchen, my hits and my misses, there has been one thing that is a regular disaster.

Banana bread.

The reasons are endless. One loaf comes out too brown on top. The next too brown on the bottom. The next too soupy in the middle. The next too dry.

For whatever reason, banana bread wouldn’t work for me. It became my kitchen nemesis.

So I switched to making banana muffins instead.

But a couple weeks ago, with completely brown bananas hibernating in my freezer, I pulled out my mom’s Joy of Cooking book and searched for a new recipe. I wanted to make banana bread my bitch.

In a nice way, of course.

I followed the recipe closely. Sort of. I mean, I got all the ingredients in there in a vaguely congruous order. For me, that’s progress.

I timed the baking carefully. I timed the resting in the pan carefully. I flipped the bread onto a wire rack to cool completely as directed.

But I didn’t let it cool completely before slicing into it.

Actually, Swede sliced into it first.

He’s such a rebel.

But here’s the best part: SUCCESS.

For reals. It wasn’t too brown on top. It wasn’t too brown on the bottom. It was cooked through in the middle.

In short, I am no longer feuding with banana bread.

Which is good, because I’m a peaceful person. I don’t like holding grudges or confrontations.

Especially with baked goods.


4 Responses to “photo friday: half-baked”

  1. Emma January 27, 2012 at 1:35 PM #

    YAY!!! Make sure you put a dozen copies of that recipe around… a good recipe is not to be taken lightly!

    I made this one recently, if you want to get fancy, and it got rave reviews:

  2. Sellina February 11, 2012 at 8:38 AM #

    The dish looks delicious. Want to try it one of these days for my family in our gatherings. You might also want to visit and for more exciting recipes that you’ll surely love. Enjoy!!


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    […] of which, unlike the last time I successfully made banana bread (it’s a rare occasion, surprisingly), I did two things differently this […]

  2. from the file pit: chocolate poundcake | - August 19, 2015

    […] Loaf-type baked goods hardly turn out well for me. They’re either raw in the middle, burned on the top or bottom, and in general are a disaster. And not even a good disaster that I could take and reformat into a delectable treat. Loaf-style baked goods, with the exception of mini-loaves, are just a straight-up shitshow for me, more times than not.  […]

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