photo friday: out of grace

20 Jan

You guys.

I have so many photos from over the summer that I never shared with you.

I’m so sorry.

I hope you’ll forgive me.

But now I have plenty of time to make it up to you, since I haven’t really pulled my camera out of my bag in awhile!

Which I’m not proud of.

But whatever.

How about I make a New Year’s resolution to try harder?


You’re welcome.

I do this for you, you know.



None of this has anything to do with the above picture, which is the chapel in one of the dorms on my alma mater’s campus. I lived in that dorm for two years, and never once set foot in this chapel.

I think that’s because they never actually held mass there.*

So I was forced to go to other chapels for mass.

When I went to mass.

Which was sometimes.

And sometimes not.

But isn’t it pretty? Let’s think about how pretty it is, rather than the fact that I never went there.

La la la….

*Complete lie. I’m just trying to make myself—and Jesus—feel better.


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