training report, part 1

30 May

Captain’s Log: Since I spilled my beans about tossing my cookies and ponying up to train for a half-marathon, I figured it was probably time that I, you know, actually started training. Last weekend my sweet and wonderful friend Nina agreed to go running with me on a long run, and we met in the wee hours of Saturday morning to join the other crazies along the lakefront path.

For the record, Nina is sweet and wonderful on a regular basis. But she is even sweeter and wonderfuler because she agreed to be my long run buddy, and if you’ve ever run…anywhere…you know it’s always better with a buddy.

Also, for the record, by “wee hours” I mean 9:30 a.m.

Also, also, for the record: I almost knocked a cyclist off his bike when I saw my best gal’s little sister on the running on the path and shot my hand out to wave at her. Moral of the story, kids: Always look before you flail your arms. And for the love of Christ, cyclists, watch where you’re going if you’re in the Chicagoland area. You never know where I might be, or when I might need to greet someone heading in the opposite direction from me. You’ve Been Warned.

We managed to get in our four miles with only a small amount of walking, though I did come away with some major blisters, which, Hi, OW, and hello, NOT attractive for the sandal-wearing that I hope to happen soon if Chicago ever decides to sack up and have a spring and/or summer.

Anyhoo, I’ve been trying to follow Hal Higdon’s training schedule for a half marathon, and the rest of the week was…meh. It wasn’t superbly awesome, but it wasn’t too shabby, either. I did manage to get up before work one morning last week and go out for a run—not the 3 miles I was supposed to do, because I read the chart wrong, but I did get in a good 2 miles, so that’s at least something, right? Right.

And it was a beautiful, sunny morning, warm and quite lovely, and as I huffed and puffed through the Swede’s childhood PF neighborhood (as we were staying at his parents’ house), it was almost enjoyable.

Except when I turned a corner and the route took me through a particularly wooded spot. That early in the morning, as lethargic tweens waited for the bus and gave me the Weirdo Eye as I slogged past them, the gnats were all a-buzz with the bright morning and fresh dew, and opportunity to fly up my nose, forcing me to jerk my head and spit and rub at my nostrils all at the same time, making me look, I’m sure, super mature and totally hip to those tweens.

Me  = Role Model.

Whatever. Be nice, kids, or I will not purchase booze for your underage selves at the Party Liquors.

Week 2 of training, here I come.


One Response to “training report, part 1”

  1. Camels & Chocolate June 1, 2011 at 10:38 AM #

    Wee hours for me is also 9:30am. I can’t run any earlier than 8 or I’m just downright sluggish. Which, you know, isn’t a good thing as most races start at 7–or earlier! When I ran the San Francisco full, my gate time was 4:30am!!! And we left my hotel, and I had to run back and throw up once before actually walking to the start line. So there’s that.

    Good luck!

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