when romance calls for lemon curd

13 Apr

So this past weekend I went to my first book club meeting, hosted by a gal I went to college with, where we discussed the book of the month, Virgin River, by Robyn Carr.

You guys.

It’s a romance novel.

Seriously. Best. Book Club. Ever. You ever want to get a rousing discussion going at book club? Read a romance novel and let the opinions fly. “The sex scenes were good.” “The sex scenes were blah.” “Every romance novel has the same story arc.” “Why do we read romance novels anyway?” “What do you mean there’s an entire sub-genre of romance novels that are geared specifically at cowboy ménage?*”

But I digress.

Besides stimulating discussion (HI-YOOOO!), book club is just not book club without food. It’s true. They go hand in hand.  But let me tell you, being the current vagabond that I am, although I have access to a kitchen, I decided it would just be easier to make something simple.

Except if you know me at all you know that simple is not really my forte.

So after many several back and forth conversations in my head, and flipping through my online recipe boxes, I remembered a recipe that my old boss once made, and it couldn’t be simpler. And if you like lemon, you’re in luck. Because this recipe, as my cousin Kara would say is, “Mmm…lemony!”

Here’s the sitch:

Get a package of those frozen mini phyllo cups. Get a jar of lemon curd. Get a pint of berries. (I used raspberries, but I originally had this with blackberries. Both are delicious and taste like summer and you really can’t go wrong with either and JUST PICK ONE ALREADY IT’S SO GOOD.) Put a dollop of lemon curd in the phyllo cup. Top with a berry.


And you’re done. And you’re off to book club to talk about sex and feminism and other things ripe for the picking on a Saturday afternoon.

Apologies for the poor picture quality. Was taken with crappy cell phone, blah.

*Yes, you read that correctly.


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