for the sensitive among us

6 Apr

As many of you dedicated McPolish readers may have guessed, I love food. Really and truly. I love to make it, I love to eat it, I love to make other people eat it, you get the idea. Which is why I was thrilled to play a (small) part in helping Marisa Voorhees out when she asked about food photography for her new site.

Check me out! I photo’d that! (With some help from The Swede. Thanks, Swede!)

Take a moment to peruse the site—Marisa’s focus is on recipes for people with food sensitivities, but even if you have an iron stomach I guarantee you’ll find something you like. I’m already drawing up the list of recipes I want to try. As soon as I figure out where I packed all my pots and pans.

The Food-Sensitive Foodie



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