how you say delicious?

2 Feb

Dear Morocco,

Now  that we’ve met and spent some time together, I have to tell you something:

I love you.

I love you for many reasons, which are too numerous to name here (and some, as you know, are quite personal [iloveyousomuchcheapeyebrowthreadingandbikiniwaxing]), but there is one thing I wanted to point out specifically.

I love your French influence.

I also love your goat-leather bags, argan oil, and the ability to buy my weight in pottery for the low, low American equivalent of $42, but those are different stories for a different time.

French influence! Right! Because if the French know how to do one thing right, it’s pastries and baguettes.

Okay, that’s two things, actually.

Oh, and cheese and wine.

Three…four…wow, the French are really racking up some points here.

Anyway, thank you for accepting* the French influence into your culture, Morocco. Without it, there would not be the scrumptious boulangerie and patisserie tucked into the outer limits of La Bel Vie grocery store. And without said boulangerie and patisserie, named Paul, there would be no chocolate chip sponge cake with a coin-sized dollop of ganache in the middle, no éclair perfectly proportioned to split with a friend for an rich treat, except come on, let’s be honest, you don’t really want to share that long pastry stuffed with smooth chocolate mousse, no freshly baked whole grain bread to slather with peanut butter and jam in the morning.

And thus, nothing to indulge on while you take a break from learning about a new culture so you can watch the entire first season of Gossip Girl.

And without all of that?

Well, life would just be sad.

And there’s already so much sadness in the world, Morocco. Sadness that not everyone has a Paul near them. Sadness that I cannot eat baguettes all day, every day. Sadness that I don’t have season two of Gossip Girl on DVD, and must wait for Netflix to deliver it to me.

One tear.

So thank you, Morocco, for your French influence. It made my adventure that much tastier.



*Accepted, forced to inculcate because of French protectorate status, whatever.


2 Responses to “how you say delicious?”

  1. Steph February 2, 2011 at 9:17 AM #

    drooling… I heart paul!

    • Katie February 6, 2011 at 1:42 PM #

      I would say delicious to those!

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