photo friday: deck the historic and colonial halls

3 Dec

A few years ago, my friend Alyson was in a master’s program at William and Mary (in Historic, Colonial Williamsburg) for school counseling. She came home for a visit one year, and we were sitting around shooting the shit with my mom (who was a school librarian before she retired). The two got to talking about problems in grade schools and middle schools, since Alyson was, I believe, doing a sort of student teaching internship at the time, which prompted my mother to ask Aly:

“Do ya have any gang bangers in your school?”

I don’t know if you know my mom, but hearing the words “gang bangers” come out of her mouth was both bizarre and funny, and for some reason, Alyson and I both immediately got a mental picture of a modern day gang banger dressed in colonial garb and carrying a musket, swapping the lingo of “bitches and hos” for “tawdry wenches.” And instead of drive-bys there would be horse-bys.

A year or so later, after I’d moved to DC, Mom came out for a visit and we traveled down to Historic, Colonial Williamsburg for a couple of days, since Mom does so love Historic and Colonial shit. Also, she enjoys a good Christmas ornament, so our foray into one of the small shops on the edge of Historic and Colonial Williamsburg was quite fruitful, being that it was trimmed to the brim with just ornaments. Mom picked one out for herself, and I helped her pick out more ornaments for my sisters as well as one for me.

I couldn’t help but pick this one.

It’s just so historic. And colonial. And…well, there is a musket after all.


One Response to “photo friday: deck the historic and colonial halls”

  1. Megan (Best of Fates) December 7, 2010 at 11:59 AM #

    I shall now always imagine gang bangers as Colonials.

    I mean, it’s so obvious now the correlation!

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