photo friday: state edition

19 Nov

Today’s Photo Friday is brought to you by the letters C and T.

Which stand for “Chicago” and “Thanksgiving.”

WOO WOO! Thanksgiving! In Chicago! I didn’t get home last year for Turkey Day, so I’m extra thrilled to be going this year.

Particularly because not going home last year means I didn’t get any pork sausage stuffing.

Which makes me a sad panda.

And kind of an angry panda, too.

Well, no, not angry. More like lamentable.

Why? WHY??? did I not make myself some pork sausage stuffing in the last 12 months? WHY?!


Mom, I hope you make an extra pan. Maybe you could make some for me to take back to DC with me, too?

It’s just a suggestion.

I know I normally don’t post on Saturdays, but check back tomorrow when I’ll have a new Cake Slice Bakers post up. THAT’S TWO FOR TWO, MY BITCHES! I’m on a freakin’ roll here with the baking, people. A ROLL.



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