coach in bronze

15 Nov

I hadn’t visited Notre Dame’s campus in a couple years. In fact, the last time I was there it was covered in two feet of snow.

(About which I didn’t care for two reasons: A) We got seats in the press box, and 2) I was leaving for Maui the next day.)

(And yes, please feel free to reach through your computer and punch me in the ovary right now. Rereading the above parentheses I realize how, just…WOW…snooty? Full of first-world problems? Like an asshat? Like you want to roll your eyes and chant, “Wah, wah, wah, poor little middle class white girl” at me? that sounds.)

ANYWAY, the point is campus has changed a lot since I last went to a game. There’s a whole new bookstore and Eddy Street complex that wasn’t there before (and to those of you who aren’t familiar with the Dirty B, I may as well have just said, “Kerflerganstaagen Bop!” for all that makes sense.) The interlocked ND made out of flowers is gone. There are more buildings.

And statues.

New statues.

And not just statues of saints!

I like this one the best of all the statues they’ve added over the years. Probably because Lou has always been my favorite coach.

And because I think the artist got a terrific likeness of Lou. Though it’s hard to really duplicate the magnitude of awesomeness that are Lou Holtz’s coke bottle-like glasses into statue form.

I wonder if these little guys are rubbing Lou’s foot for good luck? Or maybe they are just patting him on the foot to say, “Someday I’M going to have a bronze likeness out of Notre Dame stadium, too.”

Yeah, it’s gotta be that. God knows the Irish have got very little luck this season.


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