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photo friday: part two: get your (p)orange on

22 Oct

So I’d set up some blogs for this week, and of course after I had it all good and ready, Calliope was all, “Photo Friday theme, bitches!*” and I was all, ‘WOO!” I debated pulling my original Photo Friday post, but then decided, can you have too many photo posts on a Friday?

The answer to that is no.

Calli gave the them of “orange” because she is all about the tree porn bliss. (Her words, not mine.) (Though I wish they were mine.) So I give you some (p)orange (which is orange porn, which is TOTALLY my word, but you can feel free to use it in conversation as you see fit.) (You’re welcome.) to fulfill said stated theme.

I took this photo before the Chicago marathon a couple weeks ago. We’d gotten downtown before the sun was even fully awake, and after I left the boys to head to the start corral for their marathon adventure, I did some hot laps for awhile because guess what? I wasn’t fully awake either.

As the sun peeked an eye or two out on the city, it was looking right at this big red building and the trees, creating a lovely calm that was totally disconnected from the chaos below it, where 45,000 runners were lining up to hit the streets of Chicago.

Check out what other Photo Fridayers have to say about orange over at Calliope’s blog.

*Okay, she didn’t really put it quite like that.

photo friday: part one: whatever makes your skirt fly up

22 Oct

As I’ve mentioned, I love going to football games. I’ve harbored this love for as long as I can remember, and in college, the love intensified.

Partially because of the Irish Guard.

Oh, how I love thee, Irish Guard. And how I lusted after thee while I was a college student. You were strapping young men, and most importantly, you were tall! I’ve always loved strapping, tall men!

Plus, there was a rumor that you really didn’t wear chonies under those kilts. SCANDALOUS! And I remember junior year of college, when our seats were in the fourth row, prime spots in front of the cheerleaders (because we liked to cheer along with them and mimic their cheering moves) and prime spots for watching the Guard do their signature spins, their kilts flying up for all to see that yes. That rumor?

No rumor.

It’s all true.

And to this day, when caught in mid-spin, we can see that some traditions never die.