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photo friday*: shoot for the moon

24 Sep

I’ve been taking a photography workshop through WSP, and while there’s a lot of basic stuff that I already know, I’ve also picked up quite a few things that have made it more than worthwhile. (And I don’t just mean picking up the bug that I now want a Nikon 18-200mm vr ii lens. WHY do I always fall in lust with such expensive things? First the perfume, now this. Sigh.)

ANYWAY, in the class two weeks ago we did some shooting outside, working on metering with our gray cards, ensuring our settings, and looking at lighting. This isn’t nearly as awesome as Calliope’s shot, but I was pretty surprised that this is how good the moon looked like when I zoomed in on the photo, considering I’d shot the photo with a very small  kit lens at an ISO of 100. I didn’t think anything good would come out of it, truth be told. See? These are the things that I probably never would have figured out on my own.

Well, there are a lot of things I’d have never or will never figure out on my own.

That’s why we have each other.

*This is not an official-like, Calli-endorsed Photo Friday, or anything, yos. I just wanted to keep the photo train going.

in the dark

8 Sep

When you live in a big, metropolitan city, things tend to fall through the cracks. Like, touristy things. For example, I was born and raised outside of Chicago, and lived there (except for when I went to school in Indiana, and studied abroad for a year in Rome) my entire life until I moved here to DC five years ago. And in those 26 years, I think I visited the Sears Tower twice.

And that’s being generous.

It may actually have only been once.

My memory. It ain’t so good.

When I first moved out here to DC, I did go around and do touristy things, partly because I wanted to discover my new city, and partly because I figured it would help me learn my way around. (And I was right, it did, kind of. But what helped more was getting lost driving to and from the airport on numerous occasions, getting lost on Rock Creek Parkway, and overall getting lost in various neighborhoods in attempts to avoid traffic.) I also knocked off quite a few venues when friends and family came to visit, but my touring adventures have since tapered off. (Which may or may not have to do with the fact that I put a moratorium on visiting the monuments and Mt. Vernon [MOTHER].)

But when the girls were in town this weekend, we decided that we’d do some wandering about the city, haphazardly seeing what we’d see, though we did make a conscious decision to visit the monuments at night.

Or, as Anne said, we went to see the monuments in the dark.

For some reason, that struck me as particularly funny.

I may have been drinking.


Right! Monuments in the dark!

After dinner on Saturday night at Luigi’s, we strolled down to the Smithsonian and walked the stretch between the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial. For all the times I’ve driven around DC at night, along the Potomac, or cutting down 14th Street, I’ve caught glimpses of these lovely structures, bright and bold and lit up against the black sky, but I’ve never gone to see them up close.

I might just have to lift my monument moratorium.

At least in the dark.


7 Sep

Two of my college girlfriends came into town this weekend for a visit. It had been awhile since we’ve been together, the three of us. And never had we all crammed in my tiny apartment for a weekend, though in truth the most time we spent there—besides sleeping—was Sunday night. I made dinner and we drank wine and vodka.

And then one of my neighbors came and pounded on the door around midnight.

I’m guessing we were being a bit loud.

So we did what any group of mature, 31-year-olds would do, and went dead silent, not moving a muscle, looking at each other with wide eyes every time the person tapped the door knocker insistently, trying not to laugh. Eventually the person left.

I’ll be sending flowers and chocolates to everyone in my hall this week.

Before the girls got into town a rush of ideas floated around of what we’d do to entertain ourselves throughout the weekend. Enjoying a semblance of order and list-making, I put together an itinerary:

The (very, extremely, incredibly) loose (like, hooker loose) Labor Day weekend itinerary:

Friday, September 3:

7 pm(ish) – Anne arrives, waits for Blue to pick her up at airport, Strz  = happy

10 pm(ish) – Noons arrives, waits for Blue to pick her up at airport, Strz + Benz  = super happy

11(ish) – wine, cheese, and other snacks on roofdeck. Much talking and ruckus to ensue.

Saturday, September 4

??? – Wake up, pancake breakfast

??? – A run/walk/stroll down by the Potomac OR eating another pancake and giving exercise the finger.

3:30 – ND/Purdue kickoff and gamewatch, probably at TownHall, so long as they still run their cheap beer special

7:30 (ish) (or whenever game ends) – dinner at Luigi’s

Post-dinner – monuments at night

Sunday, September 5

???  – Brunch. Restaurant TBD, but most likely one with unlimited mimosas and/or bloody marys. Possible choices include Mad Hatter, Vinoteca, a few others

Post-brunch – wine tasting in Virginia. Wineries to include Chateau O’Brien, and Alpen Vines (or something like that…I have it written down..somewhere…)

Post-wine-tasting – Sunday dinner, roasted pork loin, more wine, and chocolate stuff

Monday, September 6

Molly drives Noons to Reagan ass-early. Strz = sad

Molly drives Benz to Reagan not-so-ass-early. Strz  = sad

We all let our livers recover for a week.

I’m happy to report that for the most part we followed said itinerary, though we changed Saturday’s pre-game activity from a walk by the Potomac to a walk around Georgetown, because that’s where Georgetown cupcake happens to be.

And maybe red velvet and salted caramel cupcakes were calling our names.


Either way, we definitely gave exercise the finger.

Ah, just like college.

join up: cookbook club

1 Sep

So my friend Steph came up with a great idea for a new club. (Okay, I guess she actually ganked the idea from Rachel Ray, but seeing as how I actually know Stephanie and I do not know Rachel Ray, I’m giving Stephanie the credit.) One that involves cookbooks and cooking, which, you know, are two of my favorite things.

I’ll let Steph tell you the details, but suffice it to say, I’m way pumped. And I hope you’ll join as well! (Even if you don’t have a blog. Is totally fine, no biggie.) Between this, and the CSB getting ready to start a new baking book (and I swear I’ll be better this year about making the cakes in a timely fashion, but I can’t guarantee that I’ll be able to frost them any better), and Calliope’s Photo Fridays, I may never have to come up with an original post idea again.