trying to make amends: the argonaut

24 Aug

So I kind of f-ed things up a bit with that whole “Restaurant Week” theme the other week, didn’t I? Not so much a “week” as it was “two days.”  I swear there are more than two restaurants in the world/this area that I enjoy. I swear I don’t only eat at the taco truck and Tabard Inn.

Not that there would be anything wrong with that if I did.



To finish continue on where I started, how’s about one of them new hot spots o’er by der on H Street? You know, that hip, happenin’ street that was a shithole two years ago, but now is, as they say, “up and coming”? Or maybe “gentrifying” is the term you prefer? O perhaps you might want to call it “a changing neighborhood.”

Essentially: White people are moving in and opening restaurants. And soon they’ll be buying property there too.

Noooo! Not White People!

So, The Swede and I are big fans of Groupon and especially LivingSocial. Have I mentioned this?


ANYWAY, we tend to go a little bonkers with the daily deals, buying them left and right. Hence, at any one time we have about five or six rolling around waiting to be used. Sticky Rice, Twin Jazz Club, Gifford’s, Cedar, a voucher to go kayaking or canoeing, you get the idea. I’d heard about The Argonaut awhile back, located on H Street (Hipsters Unite! U Street is sew ovah), and wanted to try it. And lo! One of the deal sites popped up one day featuring The Argonaut, which I of course jumped on immediately.

Restaurants and bars on H Street seem to be opening up at a rapid pace, and are flocked to by patrons, despite crazy street construction and it not being all that close to good public transportation. But what they lack in a red line stop the Argonaut makes up for in beer, food, and charm. We sat inside in the bar area, the floors made of thick stones that were somewhat uneven. The rest of the interior seemed well-worn, in a loved way, cozy wood booths tucked against the wall, and on the other side of the wall that separated the bar from the rest of the dining room, tables dotting the floorplan.

I don’t remember what The Swede had, but I had a Cubano sandwich.  With fries. And some sort of beer that I enjoyed very much.

A note on cubano sandwiches. First, they are delicious. Second, I’m pretty sure this is the hot new sandwich to have on one’s menu. Move over chicken ceasar wrap, pork and pickles and cheese pressed in a Panini maker is where it’s at, bitches!

And then The Argonaut burned down.

Thankfully, not while we were in there, but a few weeks later, it was all the DC foodie/restaurant sites could talk about. I don’t think it was total destruction, and they’ve since rebuilt and reopened. (Though now every time I mention it I follow it up with, “Did you know they had a fire?” Which is not annoying at all.) Which is good.

Because a hot pork and pickle sandwich? High on my list of things delicious. Nobody should be denied it, if they are so inclined to try it.

And you should.


One Response to “trying to make amends: the argonaut”

  1. Steph August 24, 2010 at 10:08 AM #

    Looks delicious. I was about to get mad at you for reviewing a place that’s no longer there, but I’m glad to hear I still might have a chance of visiting the (formerly) burned down restaurant.

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