all growns up

4 Aug

Cute, isn’t he? The little munchkin who keeps getting bigger and bigger every time I see him. In May, at Mother’s Day, he had less hair and no teeth.  Now there are two teeth on the bottom and swirly curls of blonde hair all around his head.

He recently managed to put all the pieces of movement together, and crawls around with ease, oftentimes closer and closer to the dog who doesn’t seem to believe that this thing can finally move. Now it does more than just cry and whine and make noise, the dog thinks, but it moves. The dog is secretly hoping that this is just a phase, so he won’t have to get up and move out of fear for his tail every time the little punk comes a-callin’.

He can feed himself now. Kind of. He hasn’t mastered utensils, but then, neither have I sometimes. But he can grab blueberries or bits of bagel and miniscule cheese cubes and shove them all in his mouth at once. He can sit nicely in a high chair while you and your sister are out to lunch, occasionally reaching for the turkey on ciabatta on your plate (thankfully you’re still faster on the draw than he is), munching on fancy baby food from a Food Network star and more pieces of bagel, his hands grubby from shoving the pureed turkey and…whatever else was in that packet….into his mouth in happiness.

And he can, when his mom gently moves his hand away from her white pants, turn sweetly to Aunt Molly and wipe those lovely grubby hands all over her navy blue pants, the food remnants of which will later crust over and look oh-so-attractive to passersby.

He’s really growing up.

Thanks to Sister #1 for snapping this photo of me and the little pot-pie.


3 Responses to “all growns up”

  1. Steph August 4, 2010 at 10:56 AM #

    What a nice sister you are, letting your navy pants take the grime instead of the white pants.

  2. Katie Rzepka Staples August 4, 2010 at 1:14 PM #

    I didn’t know mothers were allowed to wear white pants.

  3. Annie August 9, 2010 at 1:03 PM #

    As The Mother, I must comment that a). I like the baby food in the convenient resealable foil packet, rather than breakable glass jar, which is better when you’re on-the-go. I did not buy it because it’s fancy pants Tyler Florence/Food Network baby food. But the little packets are pretty cute.

    b). I WAS sort of living on the edge wearing white pants, but yet, I managed to stay clean and somehow Molly and her navy pants took the brunt. I’m not the smartest Mom in the IQ pool wearing white pants, but I think those were all that were clean after vacation. Do I need to remind anyone that not 24 hours before we were in a hotel room in CLEVELAND?

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