tabard inn

26 Jul

Everyone Needs a Julie (ENAJ) is getting married in a few days, and about a month ago, her sisters and mom got a bunch of the DC gals together to celebrate this fact over brunch.

Just so you know, it was not a wedding shower.

ENAJ was very adamant about that.

No presents allowed!

It’s just a brunch!

People brought presents anyway. (Not me, though. Because I respect my friend’s wishes. And because in classic fashion when it comes to getting people their presents on time, I totally fucking ran out of time. Case in point, I gave ENAJ her birthday present in mid-June. Her birthday is in April.)

ANYWAY, brunch took place at DC’s Tabard Inn, a place I’d only ever previously been for drinks. And drinks? Drinks do not do the place justice.

First of all, the restaurant is nestled among old brick row homes in Dupont Circle, and while upon first glance it looks very teeny-tiny and like it couldn’t fit more than a few tables at a time, the space is actually quite deceiving. The place stretches up and up on multiple floors, with more tables in private rooms, and room upon room with every corner you turn.

Thankfully, they put our loud asses in a room very far away from other patrons. Because as you know, a gaggle of women together for an It’s Just Brunch can get kind of rowdy. And loud. Or maybe that’s just us. We’ve never been known to be very demure. It’s simply against our natures.

But we have been known to be all about food. And while Tabard Inn has charming décor, its food is fuckin’ rockin’. We mostly stuck to the breakfasty items on the brunch menu, and they did not disappoint. I was torn over what to order, but finally stepped out of my omelet box and ordered the huevos rancheros. It pays to be adventurous.

Others went with classic scrambled eggs and sausage, complete with biscuit. (Which I totally bogarted because my dining companion to my left was all, “Nah, I’m going to pass on the biscuit.” So I took it before she could change her mind.)

But best of all? Tabard Inn makes their own donuts.

Let me say that again in case you didn’t read me the first time. Makes. Own. Donuts.

You didn’t hear me?


Let me show you.

Now do you believe me?

Brunch at Tabard Inn: Go for it. Even if it’s for a wedding shower.

Ermm…sorry, not a wedding shower. It was just a brunch!


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