things mildly terrifying

13 Jul

Over 4th of July weekend, The Swede and I spent a day bumming around Frederick. Since my friend Steph lives up there, we grabbed her and made her show us around town. (What? We gave her beer for her efforts, what more could a girl ask for?)

Frederick is an awfully cute town, and more than once I uttered a phrase that was something to the effect of, “My God, it’s like Stars Hollow.” Though thankfully, without a Taylor. There was, however, a delicious chocolate boutique, many several fascinating antiques shops, brewpubs, restaurants made famous by Bravo, much of which I’d heard about from Stephanie beforehand, and much of which gave me the jealous. Except for—or maybe especially—this guy:

He is painted on the side of a building at one end of their main drag. And…and…I just really don’t have any other words.

I love you, Frederick. For your tahini chocolate truffles and your flamboyantly bizarre…pirate? Lord of the dance ensemble member? Jethro Tull? I just love you so much.


One Response to “things mildly terrifying”

  1. Steph July 13, 2010 at 1:12 PM #

    Well I got beer and french fries, I couldn’t ask for more! Although I love showing off my Stars Hollow-ish town, so you really didn’t have to get me anything.

    I don’t know what that man is, or what he’s doing, but those pants… I mean, wow!

    You guys are welcome to visit anytime you want. Maybe we’ll snap photos of some of the “real-life” Frederick characters.

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