as the art gallery turns

8 Jul

We take you back to the Freer Gallery, where sculpture lives and breathes, bringing art to life.

Law, supported by Love and Power, reigns over the courtyard.

“I am Law. And you can’t beat the Law.”

“Really? I can’t beat you with this HUGE. STICK. I have here in my hand?”

“Bitch, please. Your stick does not scare me. Didn’t you hear me? I’M LAW.

“Boys, boys, why must you always fight so?”

“Oh my God, seriously, Love? Don’t start that peace and happiness shit, okay? It’s way too freaking hot out here to put up with your namby-pamby shenanigans and I swear to God if you try and hug me, I will beat you with Power’s stick.”

<aside> How ever will I get through to his cold, stone heart?”

“What is she babbling about over there?”

“Dude, would you just stop talking? All you’re doing is blowing more hot air into the atmosphere, which we really don’t need right now.”

“Well excuse the fuck out of me.”

“Maybe if we all think cool thoughts our anger won’t be so hot and rise up against each other.”

“I hate you all.”


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